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    The inspiration comes from the UZI submachine gun, which, like other firearms, is named after its inventor, Israeli soldier Uziel Gal. Developed in 1950, this gun has a compact structure, reliable action, good service performance, and a free recoil automatic mechanism,
    There are three levels of speed: fully automatic shooting, semi-automatic shooting, and manual safety.

    In the long lost era of war, the UZI submachine gun was one of the most trusted weapons for soldiers. This firearm is both sturdy and reliable, capable of maintaining efficient shooting performance in the worst conditions. Its design is simple and exquisite, demonstrating excellent combat effectiveness in both close combat and long-range shooting.

    The UZI submachine gun pendant symbolizes that the wearer is skilled in facing society, daring to think and charge forward in the face of life.
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    ★It is glossy, non-toxic
    ★It is not easy to oxidize and change color
    ★It has good sterilization, purification, and preservation effects.
    The EVBEA uses high-purity tin material, produced in Malaysia and Yunnan, China, with a tin(Sn) content of up to 96% -99.9%. Tin is the fourth precious metal after platinum, gold, and silver.  Therefore, tin containers are known for their "clear and sweet water in filling water," "rich and mellow wine in filling wine," "unchanged tea flavor in storage," and "long-lasting flowers in arrangement".

    CHAINS: One Fashion Stainless Steel Curb Chain. Built of Quality Metallic Material .
    ★Safe Material
    ★Highly Resistant to Rust and Corrosion.

    ★ High Polished Surface, Smooth 
    ★ Lasting Color Retention:No color change, no blackening, no green color change
    ★ The chain is strong and don't worry about breaking.

    COMFORTABLE FEELIN: The Pendant without Scratches Or Sharp Angles, Comfortable To Wear, Easy to Put On Or Take Off
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EVBEA UZI Submachine Gun Pendant Necklace

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